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Oklahoma – Accord and Satisfaction

Oklahoma courts define accord and satisfaction as an agreement between two parties to give and accept something in satisfaction of a right of action which one has against the other, which when performed is a bar to all actions upon this account.[i]  The legal notion of accord is a new agreement on a new consideration to discharge the debtor.

Accord and satisfaction is the substitution of another agreement between the parties in satisfaction of the former one, and an execution of the latter agreement.[ii]  It must be an executed contract, and is a substitution by agreement of the parties of something else in place of the original claim.


[i] Continental Gin Co. v. Arnold, 52 Okla. 569 (Okla. 1915)

[ii] Gasper v. Mayer, 171 Okla. 457 (Okla. 1935)

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