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New Jersey – Accord and Satisfaction

According to New Jersey courts, an accord and satisfaction may properly be defined as a method of discharging a contract, or setting aside a cause of action by substituting for such contract or cause of action, an agreement for the satisfaction thereof and the execution of such subsequent agreement.[i]  The essential conditions of an accord and satisfaction are:

  • proper subject matter;
  • competent parties;
  • an assent or meeting of the minds; and
  • a consideration.

An accord and satisfaction involves a new contract, and not the contemplated performance of the original contract.[ii]  The traditional elements of an accord and satisfaction are:

  • a dispute as to the amount of money owed;
  • a clear manifestation of intent by the debtor to the creditor that payment is in satisfaction of the disputed amount; and
  • acceptance of satisfaction by the creditor.[iii]

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